Clinic Forms

Amicus File Summary Example.doc
Appeals Memo-1stHomebuyerCredit 1.doc
Appeals Memorandum.doc
Appeals Notebook Cvr Ltr.doc
Appointment Confirmation Letter.doc
Appointment Record.doc
Audit Reconsideration Cvrltr.doc
Audit Reconsideration Memorandum.doc
Authorization for Release of Medical Records.doc
Authorization of Release of Records.doc
Bilingual Initial Contact Questionnaire.doc
Bilingual OIC-EITC Checklist.doc
Cancellation of Debt Personal Property.doc
Case Closing Form.doc
Case Closing Letter.doc
Case Closing Letter Spanish.doc
Collection Due Process checklist.pdf
Conflict Acknowledgement of Right to Withdraw.doc
Consent to Small Tax Case Procedure.doc
Decision Document Letter to Client.doc
Decision Document Transmittal Letter to Counsel.doc
Declination Letter.doc
Designation of Place of Trial.doc
Disallowance Appeal Cvr Ltr.doc
Driving Directions.doc
Driving Directions Spanish.doc
Electronic Certificate of Service.doc
End of Semester Checklist.doc
Engagement Letter.doc
Engagement Letter Single.doc
Entry of Appearance.doc
Exhibit Covers.doc
Filing Fee Waiver Application.pdf
ID Theft Cover Ltr.doc
ID Theft Memorandum.doc
ID Theft Memo Fraudulent Return
ID Theft Memo Fraudulent W-2
Inactive Letter.doc
Initial Contact Questionnaire.doc
Initial Interview to Do List.doc
Innocent Spouse Memo.doc
Innocent Spouse Notebook Cover Letter.doc
Innocent Spouse Questionnaire.doc
Innocent Spouse Relief Chart.pdf
Intake Sheet.doc
IRS 30 Day Letter.pdf
IRS 90 Day Letter.pdf
IRS Form 433-A
IRS Form-433-A(OIC)
IRS Form 656-L.pdf
IRS Form 656 and Offer Booklet.pdf
IRS Form F14039 ID Theft Affidavit.pdf
IRS Notice of Intent to Levy.pdf
IRS Notice of Lien.pdf
Map of GSU.gif
Mid-Semester Student Evaluation.doc
Mortgage Workouts.doc
Motion Continue Change Place and Certif of Svce.doc
Motion to Change Place of Trial.doc
Motion to Change Place of Trial Cover Letter.doc
Motion to Continue and Cert of Service.doc
Motion to Continue Change Place Cover  Letter.doc
Motion to Continue Cover Letter.doc
Motion to Withdraw as Counsel.doc
Motion to Withdraw Cover Letter.doc
New Student Introduction to Client.doc
New Student Spanish Introduction to Client.doc
Offer in Compromise Cover Letter.doc
OIC Closing Letter.doc
OIC Document Request Letter.doc
OIC EITC Document Checklist.pdf
OIC Payment Cover.doc
OIC Statement of Facts.doc
OIC to Do List.doc
Petition Kit
Petition Cover Ltr.doc
Petition to Do List.doc
Power of Attorney Form 2848.pdf
Protest to 30-Day Letter.doc
Referral Agencies.doc
Request for Place of Trial.doc
Sheehy Outline Mtge Forgiveness Relief 5-08.pdf
Spanish Appointment Confirm.doc
Spanish Declination Letter.doc
Spanish Driving Instructions.doc
Spanish Engagement.doc
Spanish Engagement Single.doc
Spanish Intro.doc
SSI Lump Sum Memo.doc
Substitution of Counsel.doc
Taxpayer Evaluation
Taxpayer Evaluation Spanish.doc
Transition Letter Client.doc
Transition Letter IRS.doc
Transition Memo Sample.doc
Transmittal Ltr Appeals.doc
Trust Fund Memo.doc
Trust Fund Memo Cvr Ltr.doc
Withdrawal of Representation.doc