Amended Returns

An amended return is used to correct an original return and/or to claim a refund.   A properly executed individual original income tax return or an amended return (IRS Form 1040X) constitutes a claim for refund or credit for the amount of overpayment disclosed if the return contains a statement setting forth the amount determined to be an overpayment and advises the IRS whether the amount should be refunded or should be applied as a credit against the taxpayer’s estimated income tax for the immediately succeeding tax year.  IRC §6402(a), § 6501(c)(7).

The taxpayer should correct his return that is already filed if he finds that:

  1. He did not report some income;
  2. He claimed deductions or credits he should not have claimed;
  3. He did not claim deductions or credits he could have claimed; or
  4. He should have elected a different filing status.


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