Conflict Check

As indicated in the “Intake” page and in the introduction to “New Clients,” lawyers are prohibiting from representing clients when there is a conflict unless there is a waiver by the parties.  Conflict of interest situations are not common; however, every precaution must be taken to ensure there is no conflict.  An informal conflicts check is conducted by asking the taxpayer if the clinic currently or in the past represented any party related to the taxpayer or with whom the taxpayer lived.

After the intake telephone conversation a conflict check should be conducted.  This is done by completing the Basic Intake and Conflict Routing Form and e-mailing it to the GSU Clinical Managerial Administrative Specialist, with a copy to the Clinic Director.  In addition, the taxpayer should be asked whether any relative or former spouse has ever been served by the clinic, and this should be indicated on the form if the taxpayer gives an affirmative response.   You will be informed if a conflict is discovered.  No confidential information should be gathered once a conflict is identified.