Prospective new clients are screened for an initial determination of whether the client meets the income, issue and amount in controversy guidelines as well as any obvious conflict of interest prior to being assigned to student attorneys. During the initial screening, an Intake Form is completed and a search is conducted to determine whether there is any potential conflict of interest. It there is no apparent conflict of interest, the prospective client is sent a Power of Attorney (POA) to sign and return and an Initial Contact Questionnaire to complete and return.

When the prospective client returns those documents, one of the clinic directors reviews the documents and assigns the case to a student attorney. In some instances, the case will be assigned to a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) for preliminary matters before the case is assigned to a student attorney.  A GRA may send the taxpayer a letter confirming what information and documents the client should send in prior to assignment to a student attorney.

A GRA may also ask the taxpayer to file outstanding returns. If necessary, the GRA will print off the Wage and Income Information for the years for which a return was due and provide that to the client with a cover letter setting a due date for filing the returns and entering that date in the Task section of AMICUS and including the clinic directors and the administrative coordinator.