Daily and Weekly Tasks

Daily Tasks

1.  Log all action taken on each case in Amicus.  Even unsuccessful attempts to contact the client or other persons must be recorded in Amicus.

2.  Check Amicus and your in-box for messages and correspondence.

3.  Initiate actions for your clients if their case is not progressing.

4.  If needed, inform your client of recent developments

Weekly Tasks

1.  Enter a To Do in Amicus for Each of Your Cases.

This will give you direction as to what needs to be accomplished on each of your cases and will allow you to prioritize your cases in order of the attention they require.  Once you’ve entered a To Do for each of your cases, you’ll be able to view the status (what should be done next; the To Do) of all your cases on one page in your Amicus calendar.

To Dos will vary greatly depending on the status of your cases.  While one case may require a petition to the U.S. Tax Court, another may require a phone call to the client to check on the status of requested information.  In any event, enter and complete a To Do with regard to each of your cases on a weekly basis in order to bring them toward resolution.

For further guidance, see To Dos.

2.  Schedule a Meeting With Your Supervisor To Review Your Cases.

Weekly meetings with your supervisor are designed to provide you with guidance, instruction and answers to any questions you may have with respect to your cases.  However, you may contact your supervisor at any time with questions regardless of when your weekly meeting is scheduled.

For further guidance on entering time see the Amicus page.