Scheduling Interviews and Conferences

When you schedule a meeting with a client:

  1. Inform the Administrative Coordinator or, in her absence, one of the Clinic Directors, who will arrange for the meeting to take place in one of the designated general clinic interview rooms on the first floor of the clinic space.  In unusual cases, such as when a great deal of copying is anticipated or when the client is accompanied by several others, the conference room on the lower level in the Tax Clinic space may be reserved. Other rooms in the College should not be used for client interviews.
  2. Once the room is reserved, provide the security desk with the appointment sheet so that they know your client is expected.  The security desk will contact the Clinic when your client arrives and you should escort your client to the interview room.
  3. Contact your client on the day prior to the meeting to confirm that the client will be attending.
  4. For all scheduled client interviews, business casual dress is required. Meetings with unscheduled clients do not require business casual dress.
  5. If your client cancels or reschedules an appointment, notify the Administrative Coordinator or, in her absence, one of the Clinic Directors. It is not necessary to retrieve the appointment form from the security desk.
  6. If a meeting with a client takes place outside of normal business hours, it is preferable for a classmate or someone else to be in the area where the meeting with client takes place (but not in the interview room). If this cannot be arranged, the meeting should take place in the open area on the first floor of the College of Law building. It should not take place on the lower level. Ensure that any conversation with the taxpayer is able to be conducted in a confidential manner.

Scheduling IRS conferences

Any conference with the IRS, whether in-person or via telephone, will require your attendance along with the attendance of one of the Clinic directors.  You should confirm that the Clinic director is available before scheduling any conference. Professional attire is required at all conferences conducted in-person with the IRS.


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